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How it works

The service works just like any other subscription app service.
Sign up for the service, purchase the device and get the first month free.


No! We do not run your credit or require a contract. 
Month to month service

Device Required?

Yes! Each television that you would like our service on will require one of our streaming devices. 

Our devices turn any television with a HDMI port into a smarter TV.

Streaming Device: $99.99

Television does require HDMI port.


New customers get their first month FREE!
If you are a current customer and you refer someone, YOU get the next month FREE!
No limits, stack up those referrals and never pay for television again.. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Require Internet?

Yes! Our service runs on a device that connects to your TV and runs through an internet connection.

Turns any TV into a smarter TV


1 Tv - $29.99
2 Tvs - $39.99
3 Tvs - $49.99
4 Tvs - $59.99
5 Tvs - $69.99
(Added to subscription)

Adult Channels
On Demand Movies/TV Shows
Pay-Per View

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